Virgin and Child in Majesty, Wall frame La Maestà – 13.5 cm – 63


Virgin and Child in Majesty, crowned with lilies : influence Romanesque and Baroque for this bronze plaque depicting Mary and Jesus. There we find the usual codes of the scene of the Madona in Majesty, the two characters hug in a visible attitude of compassion and love.

Wall frame La Maestà, a plate of The Virgin and Child is enamelled bronze, arch-shaped, decorated with illuminations.

The overall shape of religious arched plate is not without reminding the vaults of the Romanesque churches and the stained glass windows of the chapel.

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Virgin and Child in Majesty : Jesus Christ is sitting against his mother, who is seated on a throne surrounded by shades of blue. Halo from light to dark blue creating a Holy Aura around the Madonna and her son.

Green Enamels for rings, small red cabochons for clovers and Fleurs de Lys which can be interpreted as stars.
The Madonna is crowned of lily flowers.

Wall frame La Maestà, with The Virgin and Child look at us as transmitting their message of universal protection.

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Dimensions 13.5 cm