Warhead plate Virgin and Child and Fleur de Lys – 13.5 cm – 62


Warhead plate of icons Virgin and Child with Fleur de Lys : Jesus Christ is standing against her mother, who is seated on a throne surrounded by scrolls.

These arabesque are covered with red enamel clovers. At the foot of the throne is seen foliage and the top plate is belted bridges. These bridges end with trefoil Lilies.

The halo of the Madonna is crowned by lily flowers.

In its entirety, this religious plate is very medieval style, while being enriched with detail almost baroque ornamentation. The throne and royal items are also thought the icon of Jesus Majesty.

The arched shape of religious plate is not without recalling the windows of the chapel.

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Madonna and Child crowned with lilies, Blessed Virgin frame.

Wall religious plate, a beautiful work of craftsmanship for this very particular religious object. Note the delicacy of the Fleur de Lys as the crown of Mary. Crown acts as sacred aura, royal by nature.

These royal flowers form a bouquet around the Madonna and still are highlighted with the blue gradient background of enamels. Demonstration of the art of enamelling, artisan touch that makes each unique cult object.

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Dimensions 13.5 cm